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About Game Bots
MacroGoblin is the perfect medium for automating many online games, especially MMO's and MMORPG's.
MacroGoblin purchasers will find many high quality pre-made MMO bots available for download in the forums.

Once downloaded, these files can simply be loaded into MacroGoblin, configured, and then used to automate your online game. But of course we can not provide a pre-made game bot for every imaginable game scenario, so you may have to create your own or alter a preexisting one.

With the release of MacroGoblin 2.0+, MacroGoblin has a highly sophisticated setup system for it's pre-made bots. This means that a bot-maker can now create game bots that are so easy to set up that the user does not need to understand how to use MacroGoblin itself. The user can now simply record various tasks that you want your pre-made game macro to do (heal, fight, etc) and then the bot will play those recorded keystrokes and mouse-clicks back at the appropriate time.

How to Use Pre-Made Bots
1.   Game bots can be found at the MacroGoblin Forums. So head there and log in.
2.   Browse the various game bots. You will see a description of the bot in the post and the file to download will be attached to the bottom of the post.
3.   Choose a bot that you're interested in and download it's file. Proceed with further setup instructions on the bot's download page.

Game Bot Designers
If you are interested in designing your own game macros then MacroGoblin has many features to help you. Here are just a few:

One of MacorGoblin's biggest strengths is it's ability to control multiple programs on multiple computers. This means you an automate other game characters on other computers very easily. MacroGoblin can control the programs in a fully automatic or improvised way, depending on how you've configured your file. MacroGoblin controls the other computers by sending them commands and information directly through your Local Area Network.

Macro Recordings
The easiest way for a macro user to create a routine that is specific to them is for them to simply record it. You can prompt a user to record a certain routine and then you can use that routine in your macro. For instance, you can prompt a user to record the keys they should press when their game character should heal. Then you can use that recording in a healing bot.

Pixel Monitoring
The current line of monitors were made with the gamer in mind. Want a healer to heal your group when needed? Well then, simply monitor pixels on your group's health bars, using pixel monitors, and when a certain pixel turns from green to black, configure the pixel monitor to start a routine that will heal the person.

Text File Monitors
Want to navigate your MMO character to a certain location? Well, you can either navigate by finding your current location through your log file (using a Text File Monitor) or you can smoothly monitor your in-game location by grabbing it from the your game's memory (using a Memory Monitor)! Log file monitoring can provide some of the best means of automation as well- if your game uses live log files. By monitoring your game's log file you can create damage-per-second statistics readouts, notifications of messages to you, notifications of when you need to recast a spell, etc.

Memory Monitoring
Using Memory Monitors is probably the most difficult part of MacroGoblin, yet potentially most powerful. MacroGoblin can monitor your game's memory and look for certain information like health, in-game location, etc. This information can then be used when creating your routines. With that information you could potentially create navigating bots, harvesting bots, etc.

Purchase Information
Once you purchase the MacroGoblin program it's yours to use forever. Your purchase also comes with a 1 year subscription to available MMO Bots, MacroGoblin updates, upgrades and forum access. More subscription time can be purchased at a later date.

Many high quality MMORPG bots are available here as well. You can find these in the forums. These are available to use while you have an active MacroGoblin subscription.

MacroGoblin does not require a constant connection to our servers while you use it. You only need to connect to MacroGoblin's servers when you'd like to upgrade the program by downloading the newer version. Make sure to frequently check back with MacroGoblin to see what new features and new bots have been added!

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