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MacroGoblin FAQ

Q: Is MacroGoblin just for games?
A: No. In fact, MacroGoblin's capabilities surpass many macro program's that are used in businesses, to automate network computers. The developers of MacroGoblin are currently focusing on marketing to gamers, however, because this is the market that we're familiar with. Furthermore, with the introduction of plugins, a business can virtually make MacroGoblin do whatever they wish. MacroGoblin is a professional grade product.

Q: System Requirements?
MacroGoblin works on all Windows Operating Systems including:
Windows XP (32 and 64 bit)
Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
An internet connection is required to install the program. It also requires that you have the Windows .Net Framework 2.0 installed. It is probably already installed on your system but if not it's much like DirectX in that it's a free download from Microsoft that does not require a login. MacroGoblin will detect if you do not have the Framework installed and it will forward you to the correct download.

Q: What information is collected by Goblin Development about me?
A: No personal information is collected about you. We will never ask you for a game username/password, or your real name. Your MacroGoblin account password is stored on our database encrypted. Purchasing is done through secure companies such as Paypal or Google Checkout. We never see your credit card information.

Q: Is this program detectable to game companies?
A: No, but if the user is really sloppy then other players may recogize that a player is being controlled by a program. MacroGoblin simulates keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc at the lowest code level. No program can tell the difference between this and the real thing.

Q: Are Macro / Bot Programs Illegal?
A: Of course not. Macro Programs have been around since computers have been around, some are just better than others. MacroGoblin is extremely good at producing smart game bots with a graphical user interface that can allow the user to control games in both fully automatic and improvised ways. Computers are built for automation! It's not illegal to automate your computer and it never will be. That being said, online game companies have the right to exclude anyone they wish from their games. If you are sloppy, you could be kicked out of an online game.

Q: Is MacroGoblin a Hacking Program?
A: MacroGoblin is not a hacking program. It does not alter another programs code, inject code, or tamper with TCP packets.

Q: Can you clarify what the MacroGoblin program is for Gamers?
A: First and foremost the MacroGoblin program is a Macro-Maker. It is not a bot or macro itself, but it creates and runs bots. It is much like how a wordprocessor can create book reports but a wordprocessor is not, itself, a book report. Macro programs like this have existed for a long time and there is nothing odd or new about them. It's just that MacroGoblin is very good at producing macros and bots for games, and automating multiple games/windows on multiple computers at the same time. MacroGoblin automates windows and games and allows the user to set all of this up without using Code or a Scripting language.

Q: Do you guarantee that all community game bots will work?
A: We can not guarantee that every bot available will always work. Huge changes in a game could disable a bot temporarily or permanently. However, most bots that are made by Goblin Development will be highly supported. Many memory reading bots require continual maintenance which is done diligently.

Q: How quickly will the MMO Bots be updated after a game client update?
A: MacroGoblin has a great reputation for bot and forum support. Many of the memory reading bots available here do require maintenance after some game updates. This maintenance is done very quickly. However many pre-made bots available here are made in such a way that they do not require manual updates after an MMO game update. This is because they usually work on visual queues (pixels) on your computer screen. But there are a few bots and game plugins that do require manual updates. This will be done as quickly as possible. However, this updating service is not guaranteed to last forever.

Q: How do I know if MacroGoblin will work for my game?
A: Before the 5-day refund period is up, make sure to test very basic things on your game window. If you purchased MG for a specific bot, then test that bot.

Q: What do I get after my initial time period is over?
A: To keep and use the program forever you need to pay nothing more than the original cost. However, MMO Bots, Upgrades, Updates, and Forum access are available for a limited time. These are only available with an active subscription. Once you buy the MacroGoblin program the last version that was available to you is yours to use forever! You will always have access to the MacroGoblin version that you last had access to. However, to keep getting access to MMO Bots, Updates, Upgrades and Forum access you must have an active subscription. So lets say MacroGoblin ver 2.1 came out 1 day before your 1 year expired. You will always have access to ver 2.1, but you wont have access to ver 3.5 unless you paid for subscription time during the time that 3.5 was released.

Q: Are there any bugs. If a bug is found how quickly will it be fixed?
A: To the knowledge of the developers there are no current bugs. But, we are confident some will be found, as with most software. Please report bugs you find asap so that we can have a fixed version out asap. It is likely that a fixed version will be available within hours depending upon the severity of the bug and the time of day. That new version will then be available in your downloads section when you log into your MacroGoblin account. We can not, however, guarantee a specific timeframe in which a bug will be fixed.

Q: How does MacroGoblin work on all windows/games?
A: MacroGoblin works on all windows because the code that we use to simulate a Keyboard Keypress or MouseClick, etc is the same for all windows. MacroGoblin does things in a generalized way. When you issue a command to a specific window, first MacroGoblin makes sure that that particular window is in the foreground and ready to receive keyboard input. Then, it simulates the keypresses, mouse-clicks, etc just as if you had pressed them yourself. MacroGoblin can control many programs at the same time on one computer by automatically shifting which window receives the input (keypresses, etc). 

Q: How does payment work?
A: To purchase, you'd first make a MacroGoblin Forum account. Then, a Purchase option is available to you in the left panel on the forums. If you follow that menu link you can then choose the version that you want to purchase. Then, it will take you to Paypal's secure checkout service. Through Paypal our website is set up to allow you access to your program as soon as payment has cleared, automatically. This is instantaneously for everything but echecks. When paying with an echeck you will have to wait for it to clear before being granted access to the program.

Q: How can I guarantee I'm actually paying securely through Paypal?
A: Many buyers are now paranoid about phishers and scammers on the internet due to their high rate of occurance on Paypal and Ebay. Just in case you might not trust the link we provide to purchase through Paypal here is what you can do. Create a Paypal account by going to Paypal yourself ( ). Note, a paypal account is not required to purchase MacroGoblin. Make sure you're logged into your Paypal account and that you have your browsers cookies and password remembering enabled. Then, come to the MacroGoblin site and order. It will take you to Paypal checkout and your username and password should be remembered by your browser. Note, there are also a few software products that will help you determine whether a paypal link is real.

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