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MacroGoblin is a bot making or macro designing tool that can easily help you make MMO crafting bots. There are also pre-made MMORPG crafter bots such as the EQ2 Crafting Bot. MacroGoblin can use any combination of log file reading, pixel color monitoring, and even memory reading to get the info it needs from your MMO game to craft intelligently. Even in a game like Vanguard SOH, where there is no log file reading capabilities you can make a Vanguard crafting bot, and one has already been made - it even handles complications. MMO platinum and gold will come easy when using MacroGoblin to auto craft.

But you get much more than a simple MMOG crafting bot, to level your crafter, when you purchase MacroGoblin. The program can be made to automate any game or window, on multiple computers, simultaneously! All commands are set up with the GUI, no scripting/programming is necessary. This isn’t a program that does just one thing, it’s a program that can do almost anything.
For more information on pre-made available bots see the Featured Bots page. 
EQ2 Crafting Bot
With MacroGoblin, it was easy to make an EQ2 crafting bot. When using your EverQuest 2 crafting macro, MacroGoblin can read EQ2’s log file live and detect the most detailed things that are happening and react intelligently to them . The EQ2 crafting macro can also be configured to react to any complications that may arise. Furthermore, we use pixel monitors to make sure you’re fully healed and rested before continuing to the next craft item.
LoTRO Crafting Bot
Lord of the Rings Online is a great new MMO by Turbine, and MacroGoblin is there to provide you with a LoTRO Crafting macro. You can use one of MacroGoblin’s pre-made crafting macro templates to create a Lord of the Rings Online crafting bot or just ask one of the community members to help you create one. A LoTRO bot will be easy to configure by using any of MacroGoblin’s methods for detecting game info. MacroGoblin expects that there will be many LoTRO macros circulating in the community.
Age of Conan Crafting Macro 
Coming Soon!
A pre-made AoC crafting macro will likely be available soon after the game's release. The AoC crafting bot will help you to level up your tradeskills. An Age of Conan crafting bot will help you earn the gold you'll need to purchase the best PvE and PvP gear.

Warhammer Online Crafting Macro
(WAR Crafting Bot)
Coming Soon! 
Soon after WAR is released, a pre-made WAR crafting macro should be available at MacroGoblin.  The Warhammer Online crafting bot will help you level up your WAR tradeskiller in no time. With a WAR crafting bot you'll be able to make the gold needed to afford expensive RvR gear.
WoW Crafting Bot
A World of Warcraft crafting macro can use the same premise as the VG Crafter. The WoW crafting bot can use visual queues to recognize when an item is done, etc. In the WoW crafting macro, routines are then ran based on those visual queues. If you’d like more information about making a World of Warcraft crafting bot or if you need help configuring a pre-made craft bot template for WoW contact us.
Vanguard Crafting Bot
Many pre-existing bot makers are having a hard time making a Vanguard crafting bot, but not MacroGoblin. We just took out the log-reading capabilities of our crafter bot template and put in pixel monitoring. Now, the Vanguard crafting macro just uses visual queues to detect when an item is done, when a complication arises, and even if you take PvP damage.

Your Vanguard bot will earn you cash and level up your trades character in no time. Making Vanguard macros is easy with MacroGoblin.

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