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EQ2 Crafting Bot

The EQ2 Crafting Program, which is available for download in the MG forums, is an extremely popular Everquest 2 Tradeskill Bot. With your EQ2 Tradeskill Bot you'll be able to level up any crafter in no time.
Everquest 2 Crafting Bot / EQ2 Crafting Bot

MMO Crafting can be one of the most repetitive and boring parts to online gaming. But with the Everquest 2 Crafting Bot you can sleep, watch your favorite movies, etc... while your MMO character crafts day and night. This EQ2 Crafting Software lets you craft up to 24 unique items at any time of varying quantities. Crafting events in EQ2 will be recognized by your EQ2 Craft Bot and handled with a very high success rate. The Everquest 2 Crafting Program will always produce pristine quality items.

The Everquest 2 Craft Bot comes free with your purchase of the MacroGoblin program. Once you purchase MacroGoblin and install it, simply make your way to the forums to download the Everquest 2 Crafting Software. You can find more detailed information on this bot at - EQ2 Crafting Bot.

When you purchase a MacroGoblin subscription you also get access to EQ2 Goblin - our most popular EverQuest 2 Bot. With it you can harvest as much as you need for the EQ2 Crafting bot. Check out the EQ2 Bot page for more details on EQ2 Goblin. It can fight, harvest, navigate, and much more.

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