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Control Network PCs Control Network PCs Includes MMO Bots Includes MMO Bots
Create Macro Recordings Create Macro Recordings Auto-Craft / Fight / Heal Auto-Craft / Fight / Heal
Forum Discussions Forum Discussions Dual-Box / Multi-Box Dual-Box / Multi-Box
Monitor Program Memory Monitor Program Memory Create User Interfaces Create User Interfaces
Monitor Text Files Monitor Text Files Scan for Bitmaps Scan for Bitmaps
Monitor Pixels Monitor Pixels Easy User Interface Easy User Interface
MacroGoblin MMO Bots
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What is MacroGoblin?

MacroGoblin is an advanced macro creation program. This macro software allows the user to automate and control multiple programs on multiple computers, simultaneously.

This program happens to be the perfect platform for automating many online games as well. With it you can create multi-boxing bots, smart fighting/healing MMO bots, and much more. MacroGoblin purchasers will find many pre-made MMO bots available for download in the forums. This includes Everquest 2 Bots, Guild Wars 2 Bots, TSW Bots, Age of Conan Bots, and more.

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Some Popular MMO Bots
EverQuest 2 Bot (Fights, Harvests, etc.)
TSW Bot (Navigates, Fights, Heals, etc.)
AoC Goblin (Fight, Harvest, etc.)
Everquest 2 Crafting Bot 1.0
Goblin Battle Priest v1.2
Goblin Battle Priest v1.2 (No LAN)
Goblin Wicked Duo v1.0 (2 Box)
Goblin Wicked Duo v1.0 (3 Box)
Goblin Ferocious Trio v1.0 (2 Box)
Goblin Ferocious Trio v1.0 (4 Box)
Goblin Shaman Warmonger v1.0
Goblin Shaman Warmonger v1.0 (No LAN)
Goblin Mage Elite v1.0
Goblin Mage Elite v1.0(No LAN)
Goblin Mage Lord v1.0
Goblin Mage Lord v1.0 (No LAN)

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