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Goblin Mage Lord v1.0.0 (No LAN)
by Goblin Development

Usable in MacroGoblin v2.0.0.0 +
Should be easily configurable in most MMOs.
The MacroGoblin file (.mg) is attached to the forum post.

This is a Ranged Fighting Bot that is meant to autofollow your tank. It is much like the Goblin Mage Elite bot but it works in a different way. This bot works by visually detecting which spells are available by their spell-icon color. It will only cast spells that are available for use. What this means is that you can choose what to cast in order of preference during fighting or healing. If the highest preference spell is not available then it will continue on to the next highest until one is available to cast. It also means that you will be able to cast those rare spells or combo moves that are not always available.

This bot can be used for any MMO character that does most of the damage using range, but for this bot we'll call it a Mage. The mage plays on a second computer, and you play the tank/light tank yourself on the main computer. This version of the bot does not require a network connection to control the mage. The bot runs by itself on the Mage's computer.

Setup should be easy and no MacroGoblin knowledge is required to set up the bot. It will also work in any game because it works by detecting changes in pixels from their normal color.

This bot has a pixel monitor that monitors a pixel on your game window that indicates when the tank is and is not fighting.

The bot can optionally autofollow your tank at the end of every fight. It can also be set to disengage autofollow at the beginning of every fight. This bot also has 6 auxillary buttons that will run 6 optional methods when pressed. You can also tweak many things in the "Tweaks" category of the setup.

  • No network required.
  • Visually detects which spells are available to cast by the spell icon.
  • Can choose what to cast in order of preference. Works great for special moves, etc.
  • Can use up to 24 different Fight Spells.
  • Very easy setup. No prior MacroGoblin knowledge is required.
  • This bot has Fight Detection, so it will not need to be turned On before a battle, and Off after a battle.
  • The mage will, Optionally, autofollow you after the end of each fight.
  • The mage will, Optionally, disengage autofollow at the beginning of each fight.
  • You can nudge/move the mage in many different ways. Move Backward, Move Forward, Strafe Left, Strafe Right, Turn Left, Turn right
  • There is an Autofollow button and a Pull button.
  • The mage will not cast spells unless a Fight is detected. A fight is detected by the  "Fight Detection Pixel"
  • You can turn the fighting On and Off.

Fight Detection Pixel - You need to find a pixel, any pixel, on your Tank's game window that is one stable color when not fighting OR a pixel on your Tank's game window that is one stable color while fighting.

Spell Icons - Your game must have spell icons in your hot bars that will appear differently when they're available to cast and when they're not available to cast. This bot will determine what spells are available to cast based on those icons.

Setup should be easy. Instructions, Documentation, and Settings can be found by going to (Edit => Macro Settings and Documentation)  after loading up the bot in MacroGoblin.

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