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About MacroGoblin

What is MacroGoblin?
MacroGoblin itself is a program providing the user with ways to automate multiple programs on multiple computers without sacrificing versatility and power for ease of use. There are many possible ways to use MacroGoblin and many different levels of difficulty depending on what you wish to accomplish.

MMO Bots are also available here with an active subscription. You may only be interested in these pre-made game bots (available in the forums), in which case you do not need to learn anything about the MacroGoblin program itself.

The MacroGoblin program lets the user automate complex tasks without the use of programming, scripting, or syntax. The easiest method of automation is to create a Macro Recording. With MacroGoblin you can record your keystrokes and/or mouse-clicks and play them back whenever you wish.

If you wish to create more intelligent macros yourself then you can do so using the Routine Editor. The Routine Editor is where you can manually create lists of commands for your macro to run. A "Routine" is just another word for a list of commands. There are many MacroGoblin commands that you can use in your routines, such as the "Press Key(s)" command which is used to simulate a keystroke on a selected program. These commands are selected from a list, dragged to a spot on your routine, and configured using the Routine Editor. Syntax is still not required and all command options are entered using MacroGoblin's user interface.

Furthermore, advanced users, scripters and programmers should not be disappointed. Although MacroGoblin is easy to use and not a programming language itself, it still offers many control flow options. You can create conditional blocks, loops, and conditional loops. You can use global and local variables, arrays, etc. The program also has a built in math parser complete with many functions that do require basic syntax.

If that isn't enough MacroGoblin also has the ability to create and use plugins. Those familiar with .NET programming can easily create their own MacroGoblin plugins. Being able to create your own plugins means that you can extend the functionality of MacroGoblin in limitless ways. You optionally share your plugins with anyone you wish.

If you are interested in building your own bots then Click here to download the complete MacroGoblin Manual. There is a separate manual available for those who wish to create plugins.

Automate Gaming
MacroGoblin excels at automating games. With MacroGoblin making boxing assistant bots is one of the easiest things you can do. This means that you can control as many game characters as you wish all through one main computer, automatically.

Besides boxing assistants, it is also possible to make fully automated bots to be used while you're sleeping, or away at work. There are macros designed and ready to go to help the user automate Crafting, Healing, Fighting, 2-Boxing, 3-Boxing, 6-Boxing, etc! For more information on MacroGoblin's gaming potential see Automated Gaming.

How Does MacroGoblin Work?
MacroGoblin has so many uses because of the way it can execute commands while monitoring different things on your computer(s). It can then use that monitored information in commands to create extremely smart macros or bots. MacroGoblin can monitor Pixel Colors, Text Files, various Memory Locations of programs, etc. The monitors are easily set up and provide their information to all of your routines. Routines are simply lists of commands. There are many powerful commands to fill your routines and they are easily set up by just pointing and clicking.

MacroGoblin was built from the ground up to work quickly and easily with not only your main PC but every PC on your network, depending on your MacroGoblin version. In fact, the first step to making your own console is telling the program what computers and programs you'd like to control. MacroGoblin can run in Host Mode on a computer and other MacroGoblins on other computers can connect to it using Client Mode. Then these computers can send commands to one another or relay information.

The other aspect about MacroGoblin that makes it so unique is how it can handle routines and commands. You can start, stop, loop, pause, or unpause any routine from any computer at any time. There are many ways to accomplish this level of control.

You can also decide if you want to run a routine simultaneously with the routine that started it (this is called a Multi-Threaded or Simultaneous Execution), or you may want the starter routine to simply call the new routine, execute it, and then come back to the starter routine after the new routine is done executing (this is called a Routine Call).

See Program Overview for more information and screenshots of the program.
Click here to download the complete MacroGoblin Manual.

Purchase Information
Once you purchase the MacroGoblin program it's yours to use forever. Your purchase also comes with a 1 year subscription to available MMO Bots, MacroGoblin updates, upgrades and forum access. More subscription time can be purchased at a later date.

Many high quality MMORPG bots are available here as well. You can find these in the forums. These are available to use while you have an active MacroGoblin subscription.

MacroGoblin does not require a constant connection to our servers while you use it. You only need to connect to MacroGoblin's servers when you'd like to upgrade the program by downloading the newer version. Make sure to frequently check back with MacroGoblin to see what new features and new bots have been added!

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