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WAR Crafting Macro

Coming Soon!

Crafting in Warhammer Online is a great way to raise the gold you'll need to become successful in RvR. MacroGoblin plans to make your crafting experience easy and less tedious with a WAR Crafting Macro program. A Warhammer Online tradeskill macro will automate your crafter while you sleep or watch tv.
WAR Crafting Macro / Warhammer Online Crafting Macro

The Warhammer Online Crafting Macro will be available for download in the forums. Let's face it, crafting is boring, but you'll have everything you want quick and easy with the WAR Crafting Program. A WAR Tradeskill Macro will help you create or buy the most valuable PvP gear around. A Warhammer Online Crafting Program should be available soon after release.

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