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WAR Crafting Bot

Coming Soon!

The best RvR players will have raid or high-end crafted gear. Crafting will likely be largely in demand. This is why a WAR Crafting Bot should be available from MacroGoblin shortly after game release. A WAR Crafting program will help you obtain the crafting level needed to produce the finest items on your server.
WAR Crafting Bot / Warhammer Online Crafting Bot

Game curency is usually hard to accumulate at the beginning of an MMO launch. However with a Warhammer Online Crafting Bot program you should be rich in no time. This because RvR notoriously encourages people to be the best, at all times, and in all levels. A WAR Tradeskill Bot will help you become one of the richest people on your server and therefore one of the best in RvR.

After it is created you should be able to download your WAR Crafting Program in the MacroGoblin forums. All macros including the Warhammer Online Tradeskill Bot are available for free after the purchase of the MacroGoblin program. You will be able to use the Warhammer Online Crafting program by first loading it into MacroGoblin. Then, configure your WAR Craft Bot and you're on your way to success.

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