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AoC Crafting Bot

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Everyone wants a high-level MMO crafter but nobody wants to endure the boring process of achieving it. This is where an AoC Crafting Bot will come in handy. An Age of Conan Tradeskill Bot will help you acheive your goals in a fully-automated way. Using an AoC Crafting Program you can watch tv, eat dinner, or even sleep while your online game character crafts.
AoC Crafting Bot

Ample amounts of online game currency is a must in today's MMO's and using an Age of Conan Crafting Bot will help you get it. An AoC Tradeskill Bot, from MacroGoblin, will help you get the money you need on your terms. This means no more level grinding. Just press start, and your AoC Craft Bot will work night and day.

Available AoC Bots
Name and Link
AoC Goblin 2.5 (Fight, Harvest, etc.)
AoC Goblin (Roaming Grind Bot)
AoC Plugin

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