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AoC Goblin (Navigates, Fights, Harvest, etc.)

Usable in MacroGoblin v2.5.0.4 +
The MacroGoblin file (.mg) is attached to the forum post.

Bot Status: Currently Working, Maintained and Updated.


AoC Goblin

Screen Shots:

AoC Goblin 2.0 AoC Bot Options
AoC Macro Path Creator

AoC Goblin is the most intelligent and feature-filled AoC Bot available. This full memory-reading AoC macro is a roaming AoC grinding bot, AoC harvesting bot, and more. It will make your character follow a path and kill anything that attacks it while traveling the path. Using the Path Creation tool you can also choose to harvest at certain spots on your path. This Age of Conan bot works for all classes including melee, healer, and mage.

With AoC Goblin you can choose what to do upon death. You can sound an audio alarm, run your main path over again, or even specify a Return Path to get back to your original Main Path and begin hunting and/or harvesting again. This version will also keep up buffs while running. This intelligent AoC Grinder bot will also optionally use potions and healing spells when needed.

This AoC Bot also has a sophisticated Path Creation tool. Not only can you run through a list of waypoints but you can also Pause for a certain amount of time, face a certain heading, jump forward, use objects, harvest, hide while traveling, press keyboard or mouse buttons (good for zoning), and switch fighting on and off. Coordinates, such as waypoint coordinates are set up automatically with the simple press of a button or hotkey.You can even run MacroGoblin routines at certain points in your path which means you can make your bot do anything you wish - even run executable files.

The Age of Conan bot was made to navigate by itself, but it can also be set up to simply do all your combo/spell mashing for you while you steer manually. This makes playing the game much easier on the hands.

This bot works best on mobs that are not ranged. But, you can use it on ranged mobs if you only put ranged spells/combos on your hotbars.

You should use the "Quick Setup Wizard" to set it up. Alternatively, you can use the Options/Settings window to set things up.

  • Very easy setup. No prior MacroGoblin knowledge is required.
  • Full Memory reading bot - Quick Setup
  • This AoC bot has an auto-updater for easy updating.
  • Harvests!
  • Buffs!
  • Run up to Targets (Good for melee)
  • Use Heal Spells for Healers (You can choose the percent to heal for each spell.)
  • Use Unlimited stacks of Potions!
  • Loots!
  • Avoid mobs of certain level if you wish.
  • You can Import/Export Character Settings
  • You can make a path by simply recording yourself or you can create complex paths with a variety of options (Pause, Face Heading, Jump Forward, Use Object, Harvest Here, Switch fighting on and off, etc.)
  • You can even make your path run MG routines or start executables at certain points.
  • Lingering Player Detection
  • Teleportation Detection
  • There are a variety of after-death options including returning to your original hunting grounds to hunt/harvest again.
  • Performs Combos flawlessly.
  • You can Import/Export paths.
  • You can share paths with friends.
  • Loop your path as many times as you wish.
  • Detects if you are stuck. It will try various ways of getting unstuck. If no luck will sound audio alarm.
  • Combo-Master Mode - Toggle this on to make the bot execute combos/spells for you automatically while you manually steer.
  • Can use modifier spells intelligently (ie spells that make other combos/spells more powerful).
  • Disconnection Auto-Login - If you get disconnected from your server a lot you can optionally set the bot up to log back in and continue.

  1. Make sure MacroGoblin is installed on your computer.
  2. Download the Installer at the bottom of the forum post and run it.
  3. Press the "Setup Wizard" button on the bot interface to begin setting up the bot.

Change Log
If you would like to see the various changes applied to this bot over time please see the Change Log.

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