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AoC Bots
Now Available!

Pre-made Age of Conan Bots are available at MacroGoblin. Each AoC Bot will be free with your purchase of the MacroGoblin program. Various AoC Bot Software will be downloadable from the MacroGoblin forum.
AoC Bots / Age of Conan Bots

A powerful self-navigating AoC grind bot is now available and an AoC Plugin is also available for those who wish to make their own self-navigating bots.

Now that AoC Goblin 2.0 is released we also have a nice AoC Harvesting Bot. Because it is built off of the grind bot this Age of Conan Harvesting Bot will fight anything that disturbs you while trying to harvest.

There will also be many AoC Bots available for AoC Boxing. AoC Dual Boxing with MacroGoblin will be easy because MacroGoblin is a network-oriented macro program. An Age of Conan Boxing Assistant will help you level up multiple characters at the same time. Instead of playing just one MMO character you'll be much more powerful with many. This is doable with AoC Boxing Assistants. It all comes easy with Age of Conan Bot Programs.

With an Age of Conan Bot you can earn massive amounts of currency. There will likely be an AoC Crafting Bot  available soon. An AoC Bot Program from MacroGoblin will help you keep up with or surpass your fellow gamers. Online gaming will never get better with the available Age of Conan Bot Software.

Available AoC Bots
Name and Link
AoC Goblin 2.5 (Fight, Harvest, etc.)
AoC Goblin (Roaming Grind Bot)
AoC Plugin

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