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Featured MacroGoblin Game Bots
(MMOs, MMORPGs, etc)

This page features some of the bots that are available with an active MacroGoblin subscription.

Many people in the MacroGoblin community take bits and pieces from each-others bots to make a bot that suits their needs, so many bots will have a similar theme.

Our most popular bots are the memory-reading self-navigating solo-fighter bots like EQ2 Goblin and AoC Goblin. These bots are maintained diligently.

Some bots are generalized pixel-reading bots. This means they can be used in most MMOs because they would do basically the same thing in all MMOs. For instance, a healer bot would simply monitor healthbar pixels, in all games, and then react to info gathered from those pixels. These type of pixel bots can sometimes be converted for use in other games. So, for instance, a LotRO pixel bot will often work just fine in EQ2.

Because MacroGoblin can work through your home network there are also many boxing bots (aka "boxing assistants") available.

Featured Game Bots for MacroGoblin v2.0+
Name and Link
EverQuest 2 Bot (Navigates, Fights, Harvests, etc.)
TSW Bot (Navigates, Fights, Heals, etc.)
AoC Goblin (Fight, Harvest, etc.)
Everquest 2 Crafting Bot 1.0
Goblin Battle Priest v1.2
Goblin Battle Priest v1.2 (No LAN)
Goblin Wicked Duo v1.0 (2 Box)
Goblin Wicked Duo v1.0 (3 Box)
Goblin Ferocious Trio v1.0 (2 Box)
Goblin Ferocious Trio v1.0 (4 Box)
Goblin Shaman Warmonger v1.0
Goblin Shaman Warmonger v1.0 (No LAN)
Goblin Mage Elite v1.0
Goblin Mage Elite v1.0(No LAN)
Goblin Mage Lord v1.0
Goblin Mage Lord v1.0 (No LAN)

Featured Game Bots for MacroGoblin v1.0.6.4
Name and Link
Best Buddy 5.0
Guardian Bot
General Healer Warlord v1.0
LotRO Healer Warlord v1.0
General Fighting Healer Master v1.0
LotRO Fighting Healer Master v1.0
Basic LotrO Melee Bot With Looting
Best Buddy 3.0
Best Buddy 2.1
Automated Aggresive Healer Bot
Healer/Mage Duo
Crafter Goblin v1.0
Healer Goblin v1.0

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