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EQ2 Bots

Tired of repetitive crafting, farming, or just mashing keyboard keys? There are a plethora of pre-made EQ2 Bots available at MacroGoblin that can help you take care of that and more. EQ2 Bot programs from MacroGoblin are poweful and easy to use.

The most popular EverQuest 2 Bot is EQ2 Goblin. It can navigate, fight, harvest, loot, heal, and much more. Check out the EQ2 Bot page for more details.

Do you need an EQ2 dual-boxing bot? There are plenty of Everquest 2 Bots that can help you automate multiple MMO characters on your networked computers. EQ2 Boxing Assistants can help you raise armies of characters if you wish.
EQ2 Bots at MacroGoblin. Everquest 2 Bots make gaming easy.

An Everquest 2 Bot program can help you accomplish the things you want while you're not even around. Using your EQ2 Bot software you can get rid of boring game tasks. Free up time for life, liberty, or the pursuit of even more gaming with Everquest 2 Bots from MacroGoblin! Don't forget to check out our popular EQ2 Crafting Bot.

If you can't find a pre-made EQ2 Bot that suits you then you can use the MacroGoblin Bot program to create your own. MacroGoblin is the easiest way to make intelligent bots. MacroGoblin also provides an EQ2 plugin which will let you create EQ2 navigating bots with ease. Go no further for the best Everquest 2 Bot software available.

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