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AoC Goblin (Roaming Fighter Bot)

Usable in MacroGoblin v2.5.0.4 +
The MacroGoblin file (.mg) is attached to the forum post.

This is a roaming AoC grind bot. It will follow a path you provide and kill anything that attacks it while traveling the path. This AoC macro probably works best for melee oriented classes but it has been used very successfully for healers and casters too.

This Age of Conan bot will likely work for any class that can tank mobs while fighting. The AoC bot should be used on mobs that are not ranged. However, you may be able to use it on ranged mobs if you only put ranged spells/combos on your hotbars.

You should use the "Quick Setup Wizard" to set it up.

  • Has a Quick Setup Wizard!
  • Loots!
  • Performs Combos flawlessly.
  • You can create your path by just pressing Numberpad-Minus to clear the old path, and then Numberpad-Plus to add each new waypoint.
  • You can Save/Load paths.
  • You can share paths with friends.
  • Loop your path as many times as you wish.
  • Update game data from the MG website by pressing the "Update" button after the AoC game is patched.
  • Kills everything that attacks you, so there is no chance of kill-stealing.
  • Detects if you are stuck.
  • The UI scan will detect everything automatically such as how many spells/combos you're using, etc.

  1. Install the AoC Plugin v1.0.0+ if you have not done so already.
  2. Start MacroGoblin. Load up the AoC bot file (.mg file) found at the bottom of the forum post into the MacroGoblin program. You can do this by going to File->Load File on the main menu.
  3. Press the "Quick Setup Wizard" button on the bot interface.

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