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FunCom has produced a winner with the Age of Conan MMORPG. And now at MacroGoblin you can get free pre-made AoC Macros. Each Age of Conan Macro program will be downloadable in the forums after the purchase of the MacroGoblin program.
AoC Macros / Age of Conan Macros

An AoC Plugin is also now available to help users create navigating bots. There is also a powerful self-navigating AoC leveling bot available.

Looking for an AoC Harvesting Macro? You'll find it right here with AoC Goblin 2.0. It will also fight anything that gets in your way while harvesting.

MacroGoblin excels at automating multiple programs on multiple computers on your local area network. This means the best AoC Boxing will be found at MacroGoblin. AoC Dual Boxing is second nature to MacroGoblin so there will be many Age of Conan Boxing Assistants available. An AoC Boxing Assistant will help you raise multiple characters at the same time. Age of Conan Macro software from MacroGoblin will have you botting in no time.

There will be many types of Age of Conan Macros available at MacroGoblin. An AoC Macro program will help you raise game currency, craft, etc. MacroGoblin can produce the best AoC Macro software without question.

Available AoC Bots
Name and Link
AoC Goblin 2.5 (Fight, Harvest, etc.)
AoC Goblin (Roaming Grind Bot)
AoC Plugin

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