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AoC Crafting Macro

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FunCom's Age of Conan MMO is part of the next generation of massively multiplayer games. While most things are fun, repetitive crafting is not. You will soon find an AoC Crafting Macro program available at MacroGoblin. An Age of Conan Tradeskill Macro will help you eliminate the repetitive process of crafting.
AoC Crafting Macro

When finished, the Age of Conan Crafting Macro will be downloadable in the MacroGoblin forums. Here you will find a variety of bots for many different games including your AoC Tradeskill Macro. To use the AoC crafting program first download the macrogoblin (.mg) file from the forums. Then, load your Age of Conan crafting program into MacroGoblin by going to (File => Load) on the main menu. You will then see the AoC Craft Macro interface has been loaded and you can proceed to set it up. The AoC Crafting software can be configured by going to (Edit => Macro Settings and Documentation) on the main menu.

Available AoC Bots
Name and Link
AoC Goblin 2.5 (Fight, Harvest, etc.)
AoC Goblin (Roaming Grind Bot)
AoC Plugin

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