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Do you think Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning RvR is fun but PvE can be repetitive and boring? Then join the club!

Our highly anticipated WAR Macro named "WAR Goblin" is here! This Warhammer Online Macro program from MacroGoblin will help you skip the tedious game play and move quickly into the RvR and raiding.
WAR Macros / Warhammer Online Macros

A WAR Macro program should help you obtain the gold you need to get the best RvR gear. Let's face it, in order to be competitive in RvR you need top-tear equipment. This used to be problematic but with this Warhammer Online Macro it comes easy.

Do you plan to play more than one character simulaneously? MacroGoblin, being network-oriented software, will offer the best WAR Dual Boxing macros available. A WAR Boxing Assistant can help you raise multiple MMO characters at the same time by using other computers on your network to create a smart MMO team. Or, if you can not find a Warhammer Online Boxing Assistant that suits you then simply create your own with the easiest to use macro program available - MacroGoblin.

Available WAR Macros
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WAR Goblin (Level, Gather, etc.)

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