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Bot Status: Bot is no longer available because the game has shut down.

WAR Goblin (Navigates, Fights, RvR, Gathers, etc.)

Screen Shots

Main Interface:
WAR Macro
Path Creator/Loader:
Warhammer Bot


WAR Goblin is an All-in-One Warhammer Online Bot that can Self-Navigate, Fight, do up to 99 RvR Scenarios at a time, and Gather. It is available for free with your MacroGoblin subscription. This is the best WAR bot available and it's rich in features. It can Heal, Buff, Loot, Gather, Scavenge, Butcher, etc. This Warhammer macro is a Memory based application so setup is extremely quick and easy.

The Warhammer bot works by running a path that you either create yourself or download from the forums. Creating your own path is easy - Simply press the record button in the new Path Creator and go! With this WAR macro you can make paths as simple or complex as you wish - optionally adding pauses, forward jumps, facing headings, pressing keys, mouse clicks, or even running MacroGoblin routines or even starting your own executables.

While running your Main Path the WAR bot pulls any mob that is within range and kills it. From there, this Warhammer Online macro will optionally Loot, Gather, Scavenge, or Butcher the mob.

This Warhammer bot will grind levels while you are away. It will also farm and gather mobs to obtain that much needed gold for the best RvR and raid equipment. Best of all, the Warhammer Online Bot will optionally queue up RvR Scenarios while you're PvEing and run the Scenarios when the time is right. When the RvR Scenario is complete the WAR bot will continue on with PvE/Gathering/etc.

  • Fully Memory Based - No Pixel Setup
  • Quick and Easy setup
  • Does up to 99 RvR Scenario paths and PvE paths at the same time!
  • Can optionally do Open RvR.
  • Optionally Heals all Allies in RvR Scenarios, PvE, Open RvR, or Manual Steering Mode!
  • Smooth, Natural looking Navigation
  • The WAR Goblin Auto-Updater will automatically keep your bot updated.
  • Can optionally exclude mobs by level, champs, heros, etc.
  • Gathers, Harvests, Scavenges, Butchers
  • You don't need to know how to use the MacroGoblin program. Simply load the bot into the MacroGoblin program.
  • Heals! Choose what percent you want to heal at for each heal.
  • Buffs!
  • Use Unlimited stacks of Potions!
  • Loots!
  • Lingering Player Detection.
  • You can Import/Export Character Settings
  • Create simple or complex paths with a variety of options (Pause, Face Heading, Click NPC, Jump Forward, Switch fighting on/off, and more)
  • You can even make your path run MG routines or start executables at certain points.
  • There are a variety of after-death options including returning to your original hunting grounds to hunt/harvest again.
  • While creating paths, you can quickly add path waypoints, by pressing a Hotkey.
  • You can Import/Export paths.
  • You can share paths with friends.
  • You can share your Ability/Buff/Heal setup with friends.
  • There is a Path Recorder. Anyone can make a path!
  • Huge, Helpful Community already furnishing many pre-made paths and character setups.
  • Loop your path as many times as you wish.
  • Bot Game Data is updated very quickly after game client patches.
  • Detects if you are stuck. It will try various ways of getting unstuck. If no luck will sound audio alarm.
  • Manual Steering Mode - Toggle this on to make the bot execute fight while you manually steer.

  1. Make sure MacroGoblin is installed on your computer.
  2. Find the post for this bot in the forums and download the .exe installer, then run it.
  3. Press the "Settings" button on the bot interface to begin setting up the bot.

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