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EQ2 Crafting Macro

If you purchase the MacroGoblin program you will have access to many free pre-made MMO Macros including an EQ2 Crafting Macro. This EQ2 Tradeskill Macro will automate all of your crafting so that you can spend your valuable time doing more enjoyable, less repetitive things. The Everquest 2 Craft Macro can be downloaded for free, in the forums, after your purchase of MacroGoblin. There is truely no better Everquest 2 Crafting Software available.
Everquest 2 Crafting Macro / EQ2 Crafting Macro

Without the Everquest 2 Crafting Macro, getting to the highest crafting level is extremely tedious. But with the EQ2 Craft Macro you'll be able to craft high-end items that can earn you some serious plat. Most users agree that while using this automated EQ2 Crafting Program you will actually craft things better than when you craft manually. This is because the Everquest 2 Tradeskill Macro never gets tired, never loses focus, and never has to bio. It also has a quicker reaction time to crafting events than humans.

The EQ2 Crafting Software can craft up to 24 different items at a time, of different quantites. Crafting events are recognized by the Everquest 2 Crafting Program by visually detecting the events on your crafting window. You can find more detailed information on this macro at - EQ2 Crafting Macro.

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